Sustainable Water Supply for North-eastern Groningen

Plans to Build a New Industrial Water Supply Facility in Garmerwolde and a Pipeline

The Eemshaven seaport has enjoyed rapid development in recent years. This means increasing demand in north-eastern Groningen for industrial water for use as cooling and process water. For this, we use surface water, to reserve drinking water sources for the drinking water supply. Given all developments at the Eemshaven seaport, we plan to build a new industrial water pipeline from Garmerwolde to the Eemshaven. This will guarantee supply security for industrial firms in north-eastern Groningen into the future.

In this process, we are continuously looking for integrated and sustainable solutions. That’s why we plan to build an industrial water treatment facility on the site of the sewage treatment plant, in partnership with the Noorderzijlvest district water board. This will include taking stock of future opportunities to reuse treated wastewater from the sewage treatment plant (effluent). This enables sustainable industrial water treatment, adequate volumes of custom water without affecting the drinking water supply, effluent reuse, and effective collaboration with our water partners.