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  • North Water makes major contributions to the development of sustainable solutions for industrial cooling water, cooling water treatment and cooling water reuse.
  • North Water is your partner for the reuse of cooling water in the production process and recovery of valuable substances.
  • North Water is your go-to provider if you want to ensure sustainability while controlling costs.
  • North Water offers solutions to problems in the area of cooling water, cooling water treatment and cooling water reuse for companies in the chemical, petrochemical, metal, food, agribusiness, data center, energy and other sectors.

Whatever your needs, with North Water you can count on a reliable, efficient and cost-effective cooling water supply. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What is Cooling Water?

Many industrial firms must remove heat, and typically use cooling water as a heat transport medium in technology processes. This water enjoys a variety of applications, such as in air conditioning systems, cylinder coolers on machinery, condensation cooling, steel smelter cooling, and reactor cooling in the chemical sector. Water heated in industrial or steam generation processes is cooled back down in a cooling tower. A cooling tower is normally part of the facilities needed to prepare cooling water for process cooling.

In general, industrial processes do not use drinking water, but rather “cheaper” types of water, such as groundwater or surface water.

Demineralized water or distilled water is often used as cooling water to prevent boiler scaling, which would impede heat transfer.

Cooling Water Discharge

Cooling water discharge is regulated by the Dutch Water Regulations (the “Waterregeling”). You typically need a permit to discharge cooling water onto surface water. The water authority uses an assessment system to evaluate your heat discharge. This system has been in place since 2005. The Dutch Association for Energy, Environment and Water (the “VEMW”) can help you prepare your permit application and navigate the complex regulations on cooling water discharge.

Treatment Often Required

The industrial sector consumes millions of cubic liters of cooling water a year to cool its processes. The food industry evaporates water in cooling towers or evaporative condensers. Cooling water evaporation requires the addition of chemicals to the water to prevent scaling, corrosion and microbial growth. That’s quite a waste: 50% of the water evaporates and the other 50% goes down the drain because it cannot be reused. This kind of waste is not only bad for the environment, it also entails unnecessary costs.

Sustainable Cooling Water Solutions, at Lower Costs

The government is setting ever stronger requirements for the discharge of treated and untreated cooling water. It is therefore increasingly vital for water boards and the industrial sector to devise sustainable solutions. North Water knows better than anyone that the reuse and recovery of valuable substances can even achieve a reduction in overall costs.

Dwindling raw materials and fossil energy sources require a sustainable transition in the water sector. Resource recovery, or the reuse of key raw materials, is on the rise around the world.

We are continuously developing the water chain and researching possibilities for the sustainable and cost-effective use of waste streams. This involves research on process water preparation, cooling water conditioning, DM water production and industrial wastewater treatment, partially geared towards reuse.

Benefits of Groundwater Reuse

Resource recovery offers many benefits for the water sector. It contributes to the growing circular economy, with its focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. In certain cases, water reuse can achieve substantial cost savings and boost production capacity without using more water (such as groundwater).

Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

With cooling water, our focus lies on reliability and supply security. Naturally, the best product ultimately ensures the most stable and thus also cost-effective processes. We guarantee a high degree of reliability and a sustainable supply.

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