Kisuma Chemicals: DM Water using a Membrane

Are you upgrading surface water to DM water quality? Is it possible with less chemicals? Yes, it is. North Water provided not only the technology, but also the construction, maintenance and financing of the treatment facility. Click the video below to hear more about this project from Marcel Oolbekkink, Managing Director of Kisuma.

For hydrotalcite production, North Water supplies process water of DM water quality. For this, a water treatment facility was built in 1998 – the first one in the Netherlands using membrane technology. Membrane technology requires less chemicals to upgrade surface water to DM water, resulting in fewer discharges of and with chemicals. The Kisuma water inlet is partly combined with the Nedmag inlet, which North Water also owns and manages. From the start of the multi-annual supply agreement, the water treatment plant capacity was expanded in several stages. The North Water DBFO model was the perfect fit here, allowing both Nedmag and Kisuma to focus on their core activities.

Kisuma Chemicals

Kisuma Chemicals BV (KCBV) was founded in 1997 to produce, process, distribute, export and import industrial chemicals, reagents, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Process Description

The water treatment facilities upgrade surface water from the A.G. Wildervanckkanaal canal in Veendam to DM water in three process stages.

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