Nedmag: Sustainable Process Water

A process water plant must become “more sustainable”. But how? By upgrading the water plant and using a different water source. And it’s cheaper too! North Water also handled the financing.

The production plant requires process water. It was originally drawn from a lake, the Zuidlaardermeer. North Water found a cheaper and more sustainable option. For this, we took over the existing water treatment facility from Nedmag Industries. Next, we upgraded and then rebuilt it under the DBFO model, with North Water mainly handling aspects such as component financing for the new plant. This resulted in a process water plant that draws water from a canal, the A.G. Wildervanckkanaal. Considerable cost benefits are achieved by sharing this supply with Kisuma Chemicals. Every year North Water supplies up to 4 million m3 of process water. This process water is used for applications such as product washing, process cooling and salt production.

About Nedmag

Nedmag Industries produces chemicals such as magnesium chloride, which is extracted from magnesium salt layers in the soil in the vicinity of Veendam. Magnesium chloride has a variety of applications, ranging from surface gritting and basic material for special types of cement to cheesemaking and beer.

​Process Description

The water treatment facility draws surface water from the A.G. Wildervanckkanaal in Veendam and upgrades it to process water with low concentrations of particles, iron, manganese and carbonates.

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