Nouryon: Sustainable Water Facility for Oxygen-Free Water

Are you preparing process water from surface water instead of groundwater? A water plant, built and operated under a DBFO model, offers an affordable and sustainable alternative.


You company needs high volumes of process water. You draw it from groundwater and upgrade it to the desired quality. In the interest of a sustainable future, you want to stop extracting groundwater. So what’s the alternative?

That’s where North Water comes in. Not only did we provide an alternative to water extraction and upgrading to oxygen-free water, we also built a water plant entirely under the DBFO model. This means North Water also handles plant management and maintenance. This likely makes the Nouryon facility the first industrial water plant in the Netherlands to be constructed under the DBFO model.

About Nouryon

Nouryon in Delfzijl is a producer of salt extracted from underground salt layers in the vicinity of Veendam and Winschoten.

Process Description

During the treatment process, the surface water drawn from a branch of the Wildervanckkanaal canal in Veendam is upgraded to oxygen-free, low-nitrate process water.

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